Bill Introduced To Adopt Hair Testing To Detect Use Of Drugs Among Drivers


driving-under-influenceLifestyle drug users lack the concentration and alertness required when driving on highways and dealing with different road conditions. This is the reason why applicants for driving positions are required to undergo drug tests to reduce the number of accidents and prospects of injuries or fatalities.

Applicants for truck driver positions are required to undergo drug testing as a mandatory pre-employment test to qualify for these jobs. At the moment, Health and Human Services recognizes urine test as a valid method of drug testing. Recent research points out that hair testing is likely to give more accurate results, when compared to other types of testing. The introduction of this bill has many benefits.

Bill Aims To Prevent Lifestyle Drug Users From Landing Truck Driver Jobs

Trucking companies experience considerable loss of revenue when truck drivers get involved in accidents under the influence of drugs. This bill will help them to hire suitable drivers, who practice safe driving rather than those who abuse drugs, based on the results of the hair tests.

Kevin Jones & James Jaillet claim in another article:

“The bills are aimed at preventing lifestyle drug users from landing jobs as commercial truck drivers.”

Will Help To Ensure Better Road Safety

The new bill when passed into law will help in ensuring better road safety because drug users will be detected and prevented from driving. It will lead to safer roads as there will be fewer road accidents caused due to reckless driving of truck drivers.

Research Reveals That Hair Testing Proves To Be A Better Screening Method

The urine test that is currently in practice has revealed many discrepancies in results, raising doubts about its reliability. As this article reports, hair testing for drug use yields better results when compared to urine testing.

The Senator’s statement noted as an example that, from March 2008 to June 2012,

“Schneider National’s pre-employment drug-testing data found 120 prospective drivers failed the urine test, while 1,400 applicants had drug-positive hair-test results. This discrepancy is causing many trucking companies to take on additional costs by paying for both methods of testing.”

The introduction of this bill is likely to reduce accidents caused due to drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs.


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